“I would give him 5 stars”
Rick Hargrave

I have known Gene Sera through his Father-In-Law, William Vitz, for over 10 years. Mr. Vitz represented me in some business transactions and is a member of our church. I would give him 5 stars, however, by the grace of God I have not needed Gene’s help professionally. I have observed him in action with clients I have recommended.

I watched as Gene led his Boy Scout Troop in community events. He is an asset to our congregation and community.

Gene Sera is one of the most personable, congenial, and aggressive attorneys I have ever met. It is hard to blend those attributes in his chosen profession. The respect he has earned from prosecutors, Judges, and fellow attorney’s is remarkable. Gene is easy to talk to, solid in his advice, and totally dedicated to giving his client the very best representation possible.

 Ed Grune

Gene is a great guy, very professional and dependable. I’ve never needed his services as a Criminal Defense Attorney, but Instead got to know him through his community service involvement with the Boy Scouts.

Aside from serving in his Boy Scout troop, Gene has helped serve on our District Commitee for scouting, and does a great job.

I would look forward to working with Gene again!
-Ed Grune
District Executive for Bastrop, Lee & Fayette County TX
Formerly District Executive of Mckinney, TX / North Collin County Area”

 Mike Madden

Gene Sera is an exceptional person in every aspect. I supported him when he ran for Judge of a County Court because I knew he had the purest motivation for the position. I’ve referred clients to him and would gladly seek his legal services if needed. I say that as the Father of a very competent criminal attorney. Gene will do whatever he can to ensure that his clients get treated fairly by the criminal justice system. I met Gene at church several years ago and value him highly as a friend. After observing him for several years, I nominated him for Elder. He has a great wife and family, too.”

 Maria Tu

Gene is an incredible litigator with extraordinary memory for events and names. I have had the privilege of opposing him and working in conjunction with him and he has surprised me every time with his quick wit and strong litigation skills. He is personable and comfortable to be around. He helps whenever he can. A caring individual with lots of heart and dignity. I am proud to know him as a colleague, as a friend, and as a person.”

 Kristy Sera

Gene loves his work and is committed to his clients’ wellbeing. Too many people mistakenly believe that a person charged with a crime is guilty. Explaining the full meaning of “innocent until proven guilty” is no small feat when many citizens are conditioned to believe guilt based on the fact that a case was filed. The prosecution MUST prove his/her case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

 Melissa Nishimoto

I can’t say enough about Gene Sera. I have known Gene for many years and he has always been a stellar worker with a dedication that is admirable. Gene has always held a high ethical standard and is honest and genuine and it shows in his work. I would not hesitate to ever recommend Gene to any of my family or closest friend, I can say with 100% confidence that he is someone you can trust!”

 Gerald Guerrero

When I think of Gene Sera, I know he is a family man, devoted husband, father and a man of honor. When you have core qualities in your personal life, they stay with you in your professional life. Gene has always been a leader in his community. He gives his time to Boy Scouts of America and he is an active member in his community. I’ve known him, his brother, sisters, and parents since we were teens.”

 Susan Plonka

I’ve seen Gene speak publicly as a candidate a number of time. He’s very dynamic, likeable and makes a very persuasive case. Gene does his homework thoroughly on the topic and lays out a presentation that can be easily followed. I would certainly hire him as a criminal defense attorney.”

 Brian Mulvehill

Gene, was very aggressive and helpful in aiding me with my legal issues. He showed a true sense of urgency in getting my matter resolved. More importantly he kept me informed about what was happening and what I could expect. The outcome was all positive and I would definetly recommend his services.”

 Dan Pollock

I know Gene from w when he rab for a Judgeship in Collin County. Gene met with a group that I associate with, making his case for why he should receive our votes. Gene spoke very prefessionally & very courteously to us. He was concise& to the point during his talks. Gene arrived as he promised & made a good impression. I think Gene was very sincere & really wanted to be a judge.”

 Robin Richard

Gene is a dedicated professional who I put my utmost faith in his abilities and willingness to take care of his clients. His community involvment just strenghtens my support of him and his practice.”

 Sharron Albertson

Gene puts all his energy into his work going beyond the effort that others may expend. He has a great attitude while helping others and deserves respect for his volunteer involvements.”

 Sid Perlstein

Luckily I have not had to use Gene’s services, but I know him personally and I consider him a man of honor and integrity. I would hire him if I needed a defense attorney.”

 Tom Garzillo

Because Gene has the highest personal and professional integrity. I believe he’is an attorney who is skilled as well as trustworthy.”

Gene’s Reply

Tom is a long time friend and I appreciate his review. Even though Tom has not had to use my services, his experience in working with me on my campaign and this subsequent review mean a great deal to me. I am always willing to answer questions and do my best to assist my clients. http://attorneygenesera.com/

 Lynn Willis-tenczar

I’ve worked with Gene for several years in Boy Scouts. He gives readily of his time and talents. He is honest, forthright, and hard working. I can’t imagine looking elsewhere if legal services are needed.”

Gene’s Reply

Thanks to Lynn for her wonderful words. Although she had never required my services, she has spent a great deal of time working with me in scouts. My interaction with are young men is similar to my counseling of my clients. I do my best to listen and evaluate the situation and do what is best for all concerned, especially my clients or a young scout.

 Rod Boaz AAMS

Gene is of high moral charater and is a consumate professional. A highly competent attorney and someone I trust to work with.

Rod Boaz”

 Wendell Brock

I think Gene is a very great attorney and an excellent person. He serves his community well and it has been a pleasure to know him.

Wendell Brock”

 Samantha Sera

He’s such a hard-worker both as a lawyer and a father -Samantha Sera”

 Will Sera

He spends an extraordinary amount of time helping his clients with their cases. He answers his phone at all hours of the day or night.”

 Lisa Shelley

I’ve always known Gene Sera to be an honest, upstanding person. Great family, great man.”

Gene’s Reply

I’ve known Lisa for over 30 years and her kind words are greatly appreciated. I always try to adhere to three little rules I heard from John Wooden. Never lie, Never cheat, and never steal. I treat my job with the utmost respect due to the importance to my clients and the judicial system. Protecting our country's laws and Constitution are at the top of my priorities.

 Sacha High

I would recommend Gene to any of my friends, he has helped me a lot in the past.”

 David Bryant

He is a great guy to work with. Hard working, trustworthy, and kind.”

 Tim Ward

Always ready , always there ,
5 Stars for him”

 Robert Shaver

I know Gene from our time together as leaders in Boy Scout troop 303 in McKinney.

Gene is an excellent leader. He stays focused and on task until the job is successfully completed. His dedication to his job as a Scout Master was evidenced by the amount of time and effort he put in to helping lead and shape the scouts, including my own son, into leaders for the next generation.”